19 Oct, 21:00 (IST)

#ForgetCondoms is currently running as one of the top trends with funny memes and jokes. Read the full story hereCheck Tweets:

19 Oct, 19:53 (IST)

Bhagwan Devi, a widow, who has been running the food stall for the past 15 years selling a thali of roti, dal, vegetables, and rice for just Rs 20 has now gone viral on social media.See Pics:

19 Oct, 18:31 (IST)

The self-written obituary of Chennai man has gone viral on social media. Written by Ejji K Umamahesh on himself, the piece has made people emotional.Check Tweet:

19 Oct, 16:49 (IST)
Remember the TikTok sensation Ulhas Kamathe who went viral for eating chicken leg piece? Well, he now opened a shop in Mumbai.See Pics:
19 Oct, 15:45 (IST)

Twitter user Gauri shared an image of an old man with his bags, explaining how the 87-year-old man, Uncle Joshi is selling the recycled bags. Using broken pieces of clothes from sofa and curtain makers, he stitches these bags and sell them in the market.View Pic:

19 Oct, 13:50 (IST)

A Maa Durga idol for Durga Puja has been made based on COVID-19. The idol from Kolkata shows the goddess slaying the virus. Picture of the idol is going viral online. Check the Pic Here:

19 Oct, 13:17 (IST)

After video of Assam doctor went viral for dancing to cheer COVID-19 patients went viral, Hrithik Roshan is all praises for him. Know more about the doctor hereCheck Hrithik Roshan's Tweet Here:

19 Oct, 12:20 (IST)

Goat starts eating instruction manual of an owner. A video of the same has been shared online and it is going viral. Check the Video Here:

19 Oct, 10:35 (IST)

A Twitter user has shared pictures of making a bedroom for their cats and the pics are too cute. The pictures are going viral online. Check The Pics Here:

19 Oct, 09:15 (IST)

The video clip of Dr Arup Senapati from Assam effortlessly grooving to upbeat track "Ghungroo" in a PPE Kit is going viral with praises for him. Read more hereCheck The Video Here:

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Gone is the weekend and Monday is here BUT TBH it doesn't seem much like a regular Monday because it is the festive season in our country. While we may be amid a pandemic practising social distancing, the spirits are high as ever and there is no reason to also practice social media distancing! For all the people who are staying at home and saving world, we are here to keep you updated with whatever is going on in the social media world with this live blog.

For starters Twitteratti has started their day on a positive note, motivating us with its trending hashtags like #MondayMotivation, #MondayFeelings, #MondayMood and #Monday thoughts trending on Twitter. People are sharing positive GOOD MORNING quotes, feelings, thoughts giving us some real energy and you might want to hang on with us while we tell you what else is going viral! It is also Sunny Deol, Tukadoji Maharaj Punyatithi & Jon Favreau's birthday so fans are flooding social media with messages and wishes for them. Apart from that, people are sharing Navratri greetings, wishes and even memes with their friends and families online.

We are here throughout the day via this viral live blog and we will bring to you whatever hits the trending page today with the trending updates across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. will be here! While that is it as off now, we would also like to urge you to do your bit to beat this contagious disease by following social distancing and wash our hands rigorously.  We will ensure that we update this live blog with anything that is grabbing eyeballs on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.