Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us, significantly, we tend to spend time on social media more than ever now. There isn’t one day that goes without all of us witnessing some hilarious and at times, random trend on social media. A lot of time we have seen hashtags going viral for no significant reason. Today is one such day! #ForgetCondoms is currently running as one of the top trends on Twitter. But no one knows why! Funny memes and jokes on the viral trend have flooded the Twitter timeline with people going WTF. Netizens are also tagging Durex India, hoping if the condom company would have an answer to this bizarre viral trend.

Why is #ForgetCondoms trending on Twitter? The hashtag went viral after Durex India recently took to Instagram, asking users if they should #ForgetCondoms and people are all confused!

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Should anything come between you and unforgettable sex! Should we #ForgetCondoms?

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When in doubt, it was obvious for social media users to take the humour route. They are sharing hilarious memes and jokes on social media, trying to figure out as to what led the hashtag trend on the microblogging platform. In a country, where the population is a major problem, and people have minimal sex education, such trend going viral can be risky.

A section of netizens is also tagging condom company brand, Durex India if they happen to know the reason behind the viral hashtag. In this article below, check out some of the hilarious memes and jokes as #ForgetCondoms continue to trend on Twitter and no one knows why.

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Durex India, Do You Know Why?


True That!



Exactly, Why?


While it is not clear as to why Durex India came up with #ForgetCondoms or how even the thought occurred to them, we urge netizens to take it as a joke only. Always use protection and follow safe sex to reduce the risk of most sexually transmissible infections and unwanted pregnancy.

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