US Couple Has Been Eating Their Wedding Cake for 49 Years, Plans to Use the Last Crumbs for Their Golden Anniversary
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A United States couple has gone way to ahead of the usual traditions of storing the top tier of wedding cake. Not only on their first anniversary, but the duo has been eating their wedding cake for the past 49 years and never fallen sick. Every year, on the special date, they defrost a small piece to share and plans to use the last crumbs into a new cake for their golden 50th-anniversary celebration. Not sure about you, but the couple has surely smitten us. The couple, identified as David and Anne Cowburn is from West Grove, Pennsylvania.

Reported by the New York Post, David and Anne got married in 1970 and cut the three-tiered vanilla confection. Anne’s mother saved the top tier of the cake. It is a tradition to store the top layer of the wedding cake and preserved to be eaten once again at one of two occasions: your first anniversary or your first child’s christening. “Our first anniversary, we ate quite a lot,” Anne was quoted in the same report. But they decided to store it for the coming years. Every year on July 18, the couple’s wedding date, they enjoy and a slice of it or crumbs in recent years.

None of them has ever fallen sick. “It’s neither plentiful nor toxic,” said 75-year-old David. The report further revealed that the couple got the idea to preserve the cake for this long, from an ancient show called, I’ve Got A Secret. In one of the episodes, a couple’s secret was that they were eating the last piece of their wedding cake, which was 25 years old. Love can make you do crazy things, and such stories make us believe in that even more. The U.S. couple now plans to bake the last remaining crumbs into a new cake to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in the coming year.