Zomato Asks Netizens for Creative Restaurant Names in India; From 'Second Wife' to 'Fully Fed Up' Twitterati Share Funniest Names of Hotels
Funny names of restaurants (Photo Credits: @alokkhac @sunitha_simon Twitter)

We have all at some point laughed at funny names of restaurants. While some hoteliers nail it with a pun, others use their wit. And others try to stand out with their attention-grabbing techniques.  Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery startup Zomato took to Twitter asking people for names of the most creative names of restaurants and Twitter was quick with funny answers. Zomato tweeted asking, "What is the most creative restaurant name you've ever come across?" And what followed was a flood of pictures of restaurants with the funniest names ever. We have to say that Indians love being creative and their wittiest best during the naming ceremony of their restaurants. Gordon Ramsay's Butter Chicken From His Restaurant at Heathrow Airport Gets Hilariously Trolled on Social Media.

A Twitter user shared the photo of a restaurant in Hyderabad which read 'Fully Fed up!' Another one reads Sandwich hub - "Sandwich that'll make you come" taking inspiration from the PornHub logo. And someone even named their restaurant has 'Second Wife' and we are not sure what he means to say. Woman Makes Maggi With Milk Instead of Water! Twitter is Disgusted With the Recipe Video (Check Viral Tweet)

Here is Zomato's Tweet:

Here is How Twitterati Reacted:

Who Will Be Fed Up?

The God Believer!

When You Have Zero Belief In Your Abilities!

Making PornHub Proud:

When You Know Yourself Too Well!

What Do You Get There?

For All The Homesick People Out There:


Is This Some Trend?

Last Thing to be Considered For a Name:

What? Why?

Seems, Indian restaurants are famous or rather infamous for their names. We are not sure where the inspiration for such quirky names come from, but people seem to be naming their restaurants with all sorts of name. While these are some quirky restaurants that Twitter has dugout, do lets us know if you have come across any.