Mumbai, February 26: Recently, Google's Gemini AI was criticised by people and tech leaders for promoting racism and wokeism. Elon Musk also posted that the Google search engine and other social media platforms of Meta promote similar woke and racist content. Google paused its image generation capability after these rumours. Now, amid these ongoing developments related to the tech giant Google, a report has surfaced about the CEO Sundar Pichai being fired from the company or resigning. 

As per the report in Times of India, Google-parent Alphabet's CEO Sundar Pichai will be fired, or he will resign. The report said the information first came from Helios Capital founder Samir Arora in a sensational comment. The market veteran reportedly expressed his belief about the end of CEO Sundar Pichai's tenure soon. As per the report, Samir Arora responded on X related to the ongoing inquiries and added, "...being in the lead on AI, he has completely failed on this and let others take over. Audiomojis for Calls: Google Likely To Introduce Sound Effects To Improve Calling Experience; Check Details.

Samir Arora Saying Sundar Pichai Will Be Fired or Will Resign:

Google's Gemini AI has been at the centre of all the controversies related to the image generation capability and hate for white people. The representational images produced by the Gemini AI showed a black man as the founding father of the US and individuals of the Black and Asian region as Nazi-era soldiers of Germany. 

Recently, Tesla and SpaceX CEOs also pointed out the discriminatory representation of Gemini AI. Despite the tech giant, Google issued an apology on February 23, and the issue has been ongoing on the social media platforms like X. Google's Senior VP, Prabhakar Raghavan, who oversaw the company's search engine and other businesses, reportedly acknowledged the issue by saying that the feature "missed a mark" and defended the chatbot's features. MobiKwik Unveils New 'Pocket UPI' Feature To Enable Customers Make UPI Payments Through MobiKwik Wallet Without Linking Bank Account. 

Prabhakar Raghavan also reportedly admitted that the prompts resulted in unintended "overcompensation". The report said that the fate of Sundar Pichai will depend on the criticism and public scrutiny. The AI Chabot also perceived PM Narendra Modi as "fascist", which met with many other criticisms about the overall trustworthiness of the Gemini AI Chabot.

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