Google Images: Search Engine Removes the View Image Button, Here's Why?
Google Image removes the view image button. (Photo credits: Screenshot of Google Images)

It is so easy for us to take any image of the net and use it for our purposes. Be it for work or just downloading a picture because you like it. But do you realize it amounts to stealing someone's credible pictures? So Google has now removed the option to 'view image' when you search for any particular image. So while it becomes more difficult now for a user to search a picture, it benefits the photographers and designers who have put up their work online. So now it is more difficult for a user to save a high-resolution and good quality image.

Why has Google brought this change?

For long, Google has been displaying the pictures by Getty Images, a stock photo agency. But there were complaints from the site that Google was not showing the copyright information accurately. In a partnership deal with the stock photo agency recently, it was decided that Google will modify the image search to improve attribution of contributors’ work. So the view image option has been removed. A user has to now visit the site where the image is originally uploaded.

Check Google tweet about the new change

ALong with removing the 'view image' option, the site has also removed the 'search by image' option. But you can always do the reverse image search in this case and you can see the related images. So now if you are searching any image or even a simple wallpaper from the search engine, you'll have to take an additional step.