Piyush Dimri and Akash Singh, are young entrepreneurs and Social Media influencers. The duos are Digital Marketers hailing from Lucknow. Akash Singh (24), a B.Com graduate was very keen on earning a good sum of money to support his family’s financial condition. After a few years of gaining experience in Digital Marketing and PPC, he planned to begin with his own company in the year 2019 with only Rs 500/- in his hands. There were various issues that overshadowed him and stopped him from reaching his goal like he could not trust the people to work with, no family support, and no money to invest in his startup. But, currently, with almighty, he is running his Digital Marketing firm and leading a team of 20 people successfully. He is very fond of sports, especially cricket, with that he was interested in kayaks too.

Piyush Dimri, a digital marketing expert and serial entrepreneur has left no stone unturned in his life. Earlier in the days, he always used to seek ways to earn a vast sum of money. But when he came to know about the magnificent power of the internet and online platform, he did something through which he could make money online. He did multiple works through which he has earned a fair amount of money. But then, after a few years of struggling, and despite many doubts and endless questions, he launched his company with the name of Launchigo with a companion Akash Singh. Piyush Dimri loves to play games especially mission games because according to him such games boost his confidence and make him brave and bold in taking the tough decisions of his life.

Piyush Dimri and Akash Singh have worked hard to reach their current position. Young Indian entrepreneurs are working collaboratively on their Launchigo company and are arduously working to thrive. They overcame various hurdles and stumbling blocks to establish it to transform lives through their work. Therefore, by the grace of God, their company is earning a good amount of revenue per month whilst working with national and international brands. Being SEO Experts and serial entrepreneurs, they are using their entrepreneur skills in providing quality online services to all their esteemed customers. Also, the duos hold a powerful position in the digital marketing world and are recognized globally. The marketing strategies that they are using in their work help in creating organic growth and conducting digital media campaigns for their clients.

These top and young digital media influencers are helping many people in different ways to achieve their aims in their lives by utilizing their proven strategies and experience in Online Marketing. They have inspired the youth to become ambitious and goal-oriented individuals who love to achieve their aim and become successful in life.