Exploding Ants to Snake Turning Caterpillar, The Defense Mechanisms of Some Insects are Proof of Amazing Nature
The exploding ants and snake like caterpillar (Photo credits: Twitter and YouTube screenshot)

Insects have something so creepy about them which gives either two instincts of fear or admire. In case of fear, most look for an attack or just get as far as possible. They may not even be dangerous but some look so dangerous that you'd avoid getting near to them at any cost. While there are the nature enthusiasts who love observing and admiring their features in detail, the insects too, want to avoid getting in any danger especially with us humans who have a lot of destructive properties. Each insect has some or the other defense mechanism which prevents them from being a target of their predators. So be it a caterpillar turning into a snake or the recently discovered exploding ants, let us look at some of nature's amazing creations.

Exploding Ants:

The newly found exploding ants (Photo credits: Twitter/cuneivlog)

Spot a tiny red ant around, and most people just crush it. The end of this little bug can never be predicted. Ants have a painful bite and which is why we kill them with no mercy. Leaving humans aside, an ant also has a lot of predators in the environment. A new species has been discovered which has a defense mechanism, of sacrificing their own life to protect the community! Called the exploding ants, these little bugs explode — killing itself and they emit a toxic yellow goo, a spice-like scent which can either kill the intruder or at least stop the attack.

Flower-turning Mantis:

The flower like Mantis (Photo credits: YouTube screenshot)

Mantis is actually a very colourful insect but its very look can be very deceiving, one that helps itself to get a prey and event prevent being one. A mantis has an ability to change itself into a flower. The Mantis looks like an orchid flower, thus has been even observed as an insect-eating flower in the early days of research in the 80s. Their camouflaging ability helps them get a prey of the predators.

Bombardier beetle:

The bombardier beetle (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

These are ground beetles which will give a very unpleasant surprise when they are attacked. With the insects itself being so creepy, imagine their faeces being splashed! It may sound disgusting but that's what the bombardier beetle is known for. This very defense mechanism gives them their name: when disturbed, they eject a hot noxious chemical spray from their anus with a popping sound. They can also spread in wide directions.

Caterpillar that turns into a snake: 

The snake-like caterpillar (Photo credits: YouTube screenshot)

We are talking of insects, but this one will remind you of slimy reptile, the snakes! The snake caterpillar is is a hawk moth which can totally get you scared with its disguise for defense. These caterpillars when startled transform into snake-like creatures, the front of their bodies puffing out and rearranging the spots. Their eyes look exactly like a snake and will leave you startled for sure!

These few examples show how each of the insects has something so carefully devised within them for survival. An exploding ant sacrifices itself for the entire community but it prepared the others till then to fight back and prevent. Like the praying mantis, there is another that can take a shape of a leaf. There is a stick insect which you'd even pick up as a stick only to realise you've held an insect. These defense mechanisms may not be pleasing to all of you, but they are definitely admirable, right?