New Delhi, March 30 : Nokia is getting all braced up to launch 4G mobile network on the moon. That’s right, the mobile phone maker is actually preparing to deploy the 4G network on the Earth’s only natural satellite, that too in this year itself.

Nokia aims to improve communication capabilities for astronauts during their lunar missions, while also helping in further discoveries about the satellite. Read on for more details. Sun’s Gigantic Hole May Hurl Solar Storm at Earth by Friday, Says UK Scientist Daniel Verscharen.

Nokia To Setup 4G Mobile Network On The Moon:

As per the reports, Nokia is preparing to launch the 4G mobile network on the moon through rocket from Elon Musk owned SpaceX, towards the end of 2023. The 4G mobile network will be getting powered by an antenna-equipped base station that will be stored in a Nova-C lunar lander, which will be teamed with a solar-powered rover. The LTE connection of the setup will be placed among the lander and the rover, and is reportedly going to be used by NASA's upcoming Artemis 1 moon mission that aims to send astronauts to explore the moon first time since back in 1972. There's No Such Thing as 'looking Autistic' in Film, TV.

At the MWC 2023, Nokia has revealed its plans officially to launch a lunar mobile network to ease critical communication capabilities and help in enhanced data transmissions, including crucial commands, remote controlling of lunar rovers, high-definition video streaming, real-time navigation, and more. Setting up of a mobile network will enhance communication capabilities on the moon greatly and help in constant lunar discoveries.

Nokia is said to be primarily interested in discovery of ice on the moon. The significance of lunar ice is very high as it can be potentially used for drinking by the human explorers, while it can also be converted into hydrogen and oxygen to offer fuel for rockets and be utilized for oxygen supply for the astronauts.

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