Watasale Launched Amazon Go Like Automated Live Store to Make Shopping Easier in Kochi
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Economic and technological shifts have literally rewritten the shopping history. Since its inception, it has reduced our stress in many ways. When the tech giant, Amazon introduced Amazon Go stores in the United States of America, it simply took away the inconveniences of the present-day grocery shopping. Getting inspired by the concept, a Kochi-based start-up, Watasale has launched its automated live store. It will remain open 24*7 at the city’s Gold Souk mall. To provide the customers with a hassle-free shopping experience, Watasale will make use of the newest technologies such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion. Fake Products on Amazon India! Delhi High Court Tells Online E-Commerce Company to Delist Counterfeit Products & Sellers. 

This would be the first time, that the citizens in India will enjoy some unique experience that will be less stressful. To those who are wondering how watasale is going to be adequate for the buyers; at first, note down that it is very simple. You will have to download the watasale application! At the entrance, open the app and swipe the QR code at the gates to enter the store. As you are inside, choose your required products and walk out. Yes, you do not have to wait at any queue to make your payment. The bill will be automatically deducted from the customer’s account.

To make it clearer, Rajesh Malamal, CMO of watasale told the New Indian Express, “Unprecedented data is available to give complete insights on store inventory. Stock and stock outs get updated instantly. Customers know whether the product she wants is available even before walking into the store. Customers need not park their bags outside the store. And no shoplifting is possible.”

Such ideas do need large spaces, just like the Amazon Go stores, but not according to Rajesh. “The idea is to have micro-versions of watasale stores in every location like apartments, housing areas, work places and transit areas. It is basically a total revamp of the existing vending machines. These micro-stores can be placed at any location and the customers can use it at any time of the day. It can be used for providing shopping locations for groceries, daily essentials, food items inside apartments and housing areas,” he further added.

The company’s in-house team has done the entire technology including the designs, software, hardware components and structural works. Watasale has opened its gate to the city’s shoppers on August 31, and we cannot wait to hear people’s new shopping experience. The store retails any product ranging from ice creams to packed items.