Was a dead body of a monk found "smiling" even 100 years after his death? A social media post claiming so has gone viral on several platforms including Twitter & Facebook. The fake post shows an image of a dead body along with a caption stating that it was exhumed after a period of hundred years. "A mummified monk from around 100 years ago became news on websites around the world,” read the caption of a Twitter post. On reverse-checking the image on Google, links to several credible media reports were found which claimed that the body is of Luang Phor Pian, who died in Bangkok in November 2017. Two months after his death, Pian's followers exhumed his body to replace the robe as part of a Buddhist ritual. The image that is now going viral was clicked then. It showed a smile on Pian's face even two months after his death. Followers of the revered monk claimed that it was due to his state of meditation.