‘Welcome to the White Man’s World’ Springfield Police Officer Tell Latino Teen in an Abusive Interrogation; Watch Video
Springfield Police Officer Interrogates Latino Teen (Photo Credits: Screengrab/ YouTube)

“Welcome to the white man’s world.” These were words by a Massachusetts police officer during an abusive interrogation with a Latino teen in 2016. Reportedly, the cop is facing federal charges for allegedly beating up the teenager as he split on him and snarled those words. The 30-minute recording video has been uploaded on YouTube, which after the recent indictment is going viral. It can clearly be seen, how the suspended Springfield officer Gregg Bigda busted on the young boy, who was arrested along with his friends for swiping an undercover police vehicle. Google Employees Walk Out in Protest Against Laxity by Search Giant Towards Sexual Harassment Cases. 

It all began on February 26, 2016, when officer Steven Vigneault got in his unmarked police car and drove to a Pizzeria to grab dinner for the narcotics squad, reported Mass Live. Vigneault left the vehicle running; when he came back, it was gone. The alleged thieves, a group of teenagers after a few hours were caught. According to the lawsuit filed by one of the teenagers, the boys were bitten by dogs, handcuffed and kicked in the face by the officers, including Vigneault and Bigda. Disgusting Food Museum Opens in Sweden! From Bull’s Penis to Mouse Wine, Here Is the Menu. 

“I’m not hampered by the f–king truth ’cause I don’t give a f–k! People like you belong in jail. I’ll charge you with whatever. I’ll stick a f–king kilo of coke in your pocket and put you away for 15 years,” Bigda shouts.

Watch video of Gregg Bigda interrogating teens in the jail. 

The Republican Newspaper has uploaded the above video. Bigda threatened to kill and beat two teen boys and plant drugs on them, if they did not tell him who was driving the car. It appears, that the cop either did not know or give a damn about the cameras installed in the jail rolling.

The federal authorities arrested Bigda and Vigneault for deprivation of rights under the colour of law. Both of them are accused of using excessive force. Reports further suggest that Bigda and Vigneault, who resigned in 2016 have denied all the charges. The ex-cops were released on bail and face up to 15 years in prison.