London, Apr 14 (PTI) Actor-comic Ricky Gervais says unlike his past shows, he wants a third season for his Netflix series "After Life".

"After Life" is a British black comedy-drama web series created, executive produced, directed by, and starring Gervais.

The critically-acclaimed Netflix show follows Gervais' Tony whose life changes drastically after his wife Lisa's (played by Kerry Godliman) death from breast cancer.

The actor is infamous for ending his shows after two series such as "The Office" and "Extras".

Talking about "After Life", Gervais told The Mirror, "This one, I want to do a third, I think."

The 58-year-old actor the show mirrors real life, a backdrop he never set up before.

He explained, "This is a real place. Every path leads to the rest of the world. Like real life. Every path leads to a new world, and how often do you know a character?

"You've seen those characters for five and a half hours. You don't know anyone after five and a half hours, and you don't know their friends. I love the crew, I love the cast, I love the characters and I love the dog."

The second season of "After Life" starts streaming on April 24. PTI

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