Birmingham, September 28: In a series of meetings with global investors in Birmingham during his visit to Birmingham, Uttarakhand chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on the third day of his visit signed two Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs) worth Rs 3,000 crores on Thursday. The MoUs have been signed with two companies during the meeting organized for the Global Investors Summit in London in the presence of CM Dhami. During the meeting, the MoU worth Rs 2,000 crore was signed with Agar Technology, under which the company agreed to invest in lithium battery plants in Uttarakhand.

Moreover, an MoU worth Rs 1,000 crore was signed with a prestigious group in Europe, Fira Barcelona that deals in convention centre and events management. The meeting was also attended by the Secretary Chief Minister Dr. R. Meenakshi Sundaram, Director General Industries Rohit Meena along with other officials of the delegation and investors. Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023: From Investment Targets to Policies, All You Need to Know About Pushkar Singh Dhami-Led Govt's Mega Initiative to Draw More Investments.

Pushkar Singh Dhami Signs MoUs Worth Rs 3,000 Crore:

Representing Uttarakhand, Secretary Industries Vinay Shankar signed the MoU on behalf of the state government. Apart from this, two MoUs were also signed with Is My Trip. In this, Is My Trip agreed to create a state-supported OTA (Online Travel Aggregator) and promote Uttarakhand in the world for tourism. This will create a large number of employment opportunities.

On September 27, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Wednesday informed that so far Memorandum of understanding (MoU) worth Rs 9,000 crores have been signed on his visit to the UK adding that people are willing to invest in Uttarakhand.

Speaking to ANI, CM Dhami said, "We have made more than 27 new policies. Some amendments have been made and some new policies have been made. We have brought these policies for investors. If investment comes to Uttarakhand, the youth will get employment and there will be growth. Today we are moving rapidly in this direction. People are willing to invest in Uttarakhand."

He further stated more MoUs are expected to signed on the fourth day of his visit."Today is the third day. During these three days, I also had the privilege of meeting NRIs.Everyone welcomed us warmly. We had meetings with people from different industry groups. So far, MoUs worth Rs 9,000 crores have been signed. It is expected that some more MoUs will be signed tomorrow," he said.

Earlier in the presence of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the Uttarakhand government signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU) worth Rs 3800 crore with industrial group Kayan Jet in London for developing a skiing resort and cable car project in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023: State Has ‘Ease-of-Doing Business’, ‘Peace-of-Doing Business’, Says CM Pushkar Singh Dhami (Watch Video).

CM Dhami also held a Roadshow in Birmingham. On this occasion, an agreement was reached with Kayan Jet to develop skiing resort projects in the famous tourist areas of Devbhoomi, Auli, Dayara Bugyal and Munsiyari. The Chief Minister said that as per the vision of the Prime Minister, Uttarakhand is also ensuring its contribution towards making India a 5 trillion economy through the Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit to be organized in the month of December.

Earlier, on Tuesday, CM Dhami said that there is immense potential in the real estate market of Uttarakhand adding that the state government is working on building two new cities in the state.Addressing the Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit in London, Pushkar Singh Dhami said, "The UK real estate market offers various opportunities ranging from residential development to commercial infrastructure.

Cities like London and Manchester are good examples of this. There is immense potential in Uttarakhand too, we are working on building two new cities in the state." Uttarakhand CM Dhami is on a 4-day formal visit to the UK from 25-28 September. The CM with his entourage arrived in London on Monday evening for the visit to invite NRIs and Industrialists to the Global Investors Conference to be held in the state in December.