Chris Bianchi is a worldwide music artist manager, record label owner, and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. As the owner of CB Entertainment and LEGEND Recording over the last decade, he’s worked some top names in hard rock and heavy metal that have sold a combined 25 million albums globally. We recently spoke with him about utilizing credit to your advantage and some tips in doing so.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important at all times to utilize any and all resources possible to advantage your business!

A few things that I would recommend would be to seek out a bank that’s offering a cash bonus for opening a business account. Normally, if you deposit a certain amount and leave it in the account for 30 days or more, you’ll earn a flat rate cash bonus. Free money is always great!

Utilizing credit is definitely a great place to leverage from daily items to major purchases all while earning bonus points and or cash back along the way! You can open a credit card under the business LLC. and seek out 0% interest rate cards or locate cards that offer the most rewards for where you need. (ie Travel, Food, Lodging) Look for cards that have little to no annual fee when possible.

If you stay consistent in utilizing and paying off the card(s) on a regular basis, you’ll earn more offers and increase the credit line. You can then also secure a business line of credit directly from your bank. This helps with a protected line of cash for your business. Always a benefit in a time of need for anything from marketing, payroll, or making a major purchase. It’s paid back in a flat rate monthly most cases.

Using and establishing the credit and credit lines take some time to get the right formula that works best for you or your company. But, utilizing what’s available is absolutely recommended!

If you don’t already have some and you’re looking to establish credit- there is always options to apply for a secured credit card to get you started. Normally, if used correctly, within a few months of making on-time payments, you can apply for an unsecured card and be on your way!

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