Sulopayis joining the Emerging Payments Association EU, a membership association of major companies working within the payments industry, marking a further step by Sulopay to grow its Sulopay within the European fintech space.

The Emerging Payments Association delivers projects to drive change, helps connect the European payments ecosystem, encourages innovation along with sustainable business growth, and organizes events.

Sulopay is a blockchain project focused on making crypto payments as easy as possible. Instead of having to manage complex crypto addresses, users can send cryptocurrencies using mobile phone numbers.

1/12/2020 Sulopay won the award for the ‘Best Blockchain Innovation Award 2020” because of their streamline payment processes and global transaction solutions. Their security prides itself on their blockchain technology and centralized log management. Ability to pull in cloudtrail and other logs into one place for reporting and alerting.

“We have some real competitive advantages with 50+ million users in Europe. This gives us a huge potential to kick-start innovative financial services. We have started testing our digital wallet in our first EU markets,” said Sulopay’s CEO Ben Schulman.

By joining the EPA EU as a founding member, Sulopay is showing its dedication and commitment to co-shaping the European fintech space together with other top fintech companies.

“The EPA-EU is incredibly pleased to welcome Sulopay, a player that has repeatedly proven its capacity for innovation. This membership proves an interest in joining a European network whose philosophy is “collaborate to innovate.” This demonstrates that the payment industry of tomorrow will be built by technology companies that arise from different backgrounds,” said Thibault de Barsy, Vice-Chairman and General Manager at the Emerging Payments Association EU.

“Sulopay is a leading global internet brand with an engaged and growing base of over 100 thousand monthly active users. Awarded Best Blockchain Innovation Award showed innovation and starting with browser products, Sulopay is increasingly leveraging its brand as well as its massive and highly active user base in order to expand its offerings and business.

About Sulopay

Sulopay is a global crypto payment innovator with 100 thousand monthly active usersawarded ‘Best Blockchain Innovation Award 2020” .

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