2.0 New Poster Introduces Akshay Kumar as Pakshi Rajan - View Pic

The film we all have been waiting for years is finally here. Rajinikanth's 2.0 opened in theatres today. So, of course, a fanfare is inevitable, so much so that a firm in Tamil Nadu declared a holiday for its employees. While we are all excited to see Rajinikanth return as 2.0 version of robot Chitt, there is just as much anticipation to see Akshay Kumar as the evil villain. So far we have only seen footage and pictures of Akshay in a villainous avatar from the film. But the first reviews of the film point that his character is very much human, or at least is for some part of the film.

Now, the makers have revealed the first look of a humanised Akshay Kumar from 2.0. The picture has been released by Dharma Productions in which the actor is seen in the avatar of an old man with a parakeet perched on his shoulder. The caption reads, "Agar pakshi nahi to manushya nahi", which is a nod at the plot of the film. Chill, we won't spoil the movie for you by revealing the plot. But we can safely reveal is that his character's name in 2.0 is Pakshi Rajan

Our in-house movie critic, Sreeju Sudhakaran, wrote in his review, "In 2.0's own slang, the film has a very good firmware and a dazzling body, but loses battery rapidly and shuts off frequently. While I am in awe at the movie's ambitions and congratulate the team for nearly pulling it off, I just wish that beautiful canvas had a Mona Lisa to show off!"

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