10 Roles Of Anupam Kher That Prove He Is An Actor of Limitless Potential
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Anupam Kher has done a lot of movies and we are glad. An actor like him should do more films because it makes us believe that Bollywood has more actors than heroes. We will get into that differentiation later. This article here is a tour of the amazing filmography of Anupam Kher. It was really difficult for us to pick 10 best roles of his because this man has done everything.  Anupam Kher on ‘Hotel Mumbai’: ‘Was Not Just Paying Tribute to the Victims of 26/11but Terrorism Victims across the Globe’

Kher has been the most lovable father to Shah Rukh Khan but he has also sold his wife Rekha for alcohol in movies. He played Anil Kapoor's father in Hum Aapke Dil Mei Rehte Hai who was his friend in Lamhe. No role could limit him and thus we have put together a list of his roles we admire a lot.

B V Pradhan - Saaransh (1984)

The list has to begin with his debut film Saaransh. Kher was only 28 years old but played a 65-year old father with so much conviction that we are yet to get over it. The pain and helplessness of a man and his wife after losing their child will make you cry buckets.

Dr. Dang - Karma (1986)

Watching Anupam Kher play an out and out villain doesn't happen often, so we recommend you watch this film. It was perhaps his first attempt at being bad and he nailed it.

Deodhar Shastri - Ram Lakhan (1989)

Anupam Kher aced the roles of being humorously evil. Ram Lakhan is one such example where he is dead against his daughter's love affair with our hero. But it is the way he lives life frugally that will bother you and amuse you too.

Tribhuvan - Chaalbaaz (1989)

The story of twins - one distraught and tortured and other a rebel and fighter - is stuff Bollywood is made of. So Chaalbaaz was just another re-telling of Seeta Aur Geeta or Ram Aur Shyam. What made it special was Kher's Tribhuvan act. Man we haven't hated him as much in Karma as we did here and that's where he scores!

Hazari Prasad - Dil (1990)

What happens when you have miser of a father like Anupam Kher? The scene where he picks a fly from his tea and eats it is still fresh in our minds. It makes us cringe even today! No one could have done justice to that character the way he did!

Saudagar (1991)

Kher was the peacemaker here trying to bring together best friends turned foes. Slightly dramatic and a whole lot impressive, Kher was just spot on!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

Eversince DDLJ released, Kher has been the best on-screen father for SRK.  In the film, he even explains to SRK why failing in the exam is no big deal! Which father does that?

Mr. Bhamra - Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

And he is a father again here! But this time, he is firm, rigid and deeply soaked in sanskar...the kinds we live with! Kher was bang on...

Professor Uttam Chaudhary - Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara (2005)

We feel this was his most complex role ever. The portrayal was a notch above what he did in Saaraansh. A professor reeling from a mental condition that makes him convinced he has something to do with Mahatma Gandhi's assassination has been brought alive fabulously on the big screen by this man. This is one of his movies that we think is his best to date!

Shuklaji - Baby (2015)

Kher plays Akshay Kumars trusted aide in the film but these two have deep-rooted issues. Kher's deadpan remarks at everything Kumar suggests is one of the best things about this movie.