Shah Rukh Khan Has an Amazing Response for a User Reminding Him of Ra.One on Dussehra During His #AskSRK Session
Shah Rukh Khan's response to a tweet on Ra.One. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Shah Rukh Khan hosted a fun #AskSRK session today on Twitter and in no time, it became a top trend. Fans of the star never miss an opportunity to have an interaction with him and it being a Dusserah holiday today, Twitterati enjoyed asking Shah Rukh Khan all sorts of questions from his wish to work with AbRam to the perennial question on every SRK fan's mind, "When is Don 3 coming?". It was a fun interaction mainly because Shah Rukh was as always his sassy best in answering these questions. Shah Rukh Khan Wants To Work With Abram But He Needs Something For That.

Although, one comment seemed to make even SRK speechless. The festival of Dussehra is being celebrated on Tuesday, October 8, where Raavan effigies are burnt as a sign of Lord Rama's conquest of good over evil. A Twitter user found a rather interesting connection of this to Shah Rukh's superhero film that badly bombed, Ra.One.

A user wrote, "Sir aaj dussera hai toh Ra-One ki CD kyun nahi jala dete aap?" (Sir, why don't you burn Ra-One CD on the occassion of Dussehra?). To which Shah Rukh replied saying, "Arre kitna jale pe namak chidhoge!!" (When will you stop rubbing salt on my wounds).

Check Out Shah Rukh Khan's Tweet Here:

This is not the first time fans have trolled Shah Rukh Khan on Ra.One. Although interestingly, in the same #AskSRK interaction, the actor also mentioned that AbRam's favourite SRK film that he's watched is Ra.One. Shah Rukh Khan Goes Sassy With His Replies, Makes #AskSRK Top Trend on Twitter.

Shah Rukh later wrapped up his session saying that it is his wife Gauri's birthday. He wrote, "Ok all. Need to go now. @gaurikhan birthday so will pass on all your wishes to her. Lots of love to you all and was good to hear from you on #AskSRK BE WELL. Be happy. And don’t forget to pray."