Taimur Ali Khan Looks Straight Into the Camera With His Inquisitive Eyes – See Pics
Taimur Ali Khan was snapped in the city. (Photo Credit: Yogen Shah)

After a week-long vacation, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor returned to Mumbai with our favourite member of the Khan family Taimur. While we missed Taimur, the couple had been sharing pictures from their Maldives vacation, keeping fans updates with their whereabouts. The Bollywood power couple was spotted at the Mumbai airport on Sunday, as they made their way out of the airport. Taimur was seen nestling in his father Saif’s arms and his expressions were way too cute to be missed.

Taimur is undoubtedly Bollywood’s most adorable prince charming and more than Kareena and hubby Saif, people are keen on knowing what their little munchkin is up to. Taimur is just a year old and he is already a rage on social media; he has a fan following of his own. The toddler, who has been the eye candy of the paparazzi ever since his birth, now handles paps like a boss. Earlier today, Taimur was snapped in the city. Sporting a striped green t-shirt, blue shorts and blue crocs, little nawab looked uber cute as he posed for the paparazzi.

Check out the pictures here-

Taimur never ceases to leave us in awe of his cuteness, does he?

Talking about Taimur being a poser, Saif had once said, "You have to see how he looks at a camera. If you point your phone at him, he will look at you. It’s just that way ever since he was born. I think he’s gotten used to it. You can’t shield

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your kid because then it will become weird. Our paparazzi is anyway, pretty harmless because they just want a picture for their job so they can feed themselves. We are the only nation that poses for the paparazzi. They take the picture and everyone is happy." Watch this space for further updates.