Chris Evans And Michael B Jordan Are Rooting To Date Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson?
All the Hollywood men want to date Brie Larson! (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Chris Evans and Michael B Jordan are showing tremendous interest in Brie Larson, it seems! Rumour mills are abuzz with reports of how the two Marvel actors are rooting for a date with Captain Marvel aka Brie Larson. So not just filmmakers but even men from Hollywood are showing interest in interacting with Larson.

As per a report on NW, several Hollywood actors are trying to snag a date with the actress. A source told the magazine, “Everything that Brie touches is turning to gold right now, and she is being offered some amazing roles. She’s focused on her work, but ever since her engagement [to Alex Greenwald] ended, a lot of guys in the industry have been paying Brie close attention.” Apparently, Evans and Jordan are both planning to ask her out and might be “jumping at the chance to take Brie on a date.” The questionable tipster adds, “It could easily turn into a fight between Captain America and Erik Killmonger!”

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When Gossip Cop reached out to Larson's rep for a comment, they went on record to state that the story is made up. The rep further added that both the Marvel actors are not romantically pursuing her. Brie has worked with both the actors, Scott Pilgrim vs the World with Evans and upcoming drama Just Mercy with Jordan. We will see Larson with Chris Evans in Avengers:  Endgame. In fact, considering how both of them are 'Captains' in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be interesting to see what kind of dialogue exchange they have onscreen. Stay tuned to this space for all updates.