Marvel fans have been clamouring for some time to have a movie or series made on Moon Knight. Their wish has finally come true at D23 Expo of 2019 that happened at Anaheim, California. Kevin Feige, who has built up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has made some important new announcements with regards to Phase 4. While no new movies were announced, three more shows were added to Disney's upcoming streaming service, Disney +. One of them is Moon KnightMs Marvel: All You Need to Know About Kamala Khan, the New Superhero Set to Make Her Debut on Disney Plus.

Moon Knight, along with She-Hulk and Ms Marvel, are making their debut in the MCU, and if you have been reading about them in Marvel comics, you know that they are very fascinating additions. Marvel has not yet revealed the casting details of the show, as well as when it would be streaming. But if you area Marvel novice and are curious to know who Moon Knight is, here's a little intro for you:

Who is Moon Knight?

Moon Knight made his debut in the Marvel comics in 1975. He was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin. Moon Knight is considered as one of the most unusual superheroes in Marvel history, more so for his quirks and how he got his superpowers.

Marc Spector is a rabbi's son, living in Chicago, who was a former US military man and later a mercenary. During his stint as a mercenary in Egypt, Marc is fatally injured in an attack. His nearly lifeless body is brought to the statue of an Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Konshu brings him back to life, but at a cost. Marc has to act as an avatar for the god and cleanse it of the bad elements. She-Hulk: All You Need to Know About the Marvel Superhero Who Makes Her Debut on Disney Plus.

Using the silver shroud that covered the statue, Marc becomes the Moon Knight, who is a vigilante. Many call him Marvel's take on the Batman, though without the supernatural powers. As Batman, even the Moon Knight is an excellent detective and an expert in martial arts. But he is more powerful during the lunar cycles, because, you know, he is acting as the tool of the Moon God.

Moon Knight is also one of the rare superheroes who suffers from disassociative personality disorder. He has also been a part of the Avengers, Secret Avengers, Marvel Knights and Heroes for Hire. We wonder if it is the similarity to Batman, that makes Disney opt for a TV series for Moon Knight instead of a movie. For really, considering his quirky personality, he would make for a quite radical protagonist!

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