2.0: 15 WTF Moments in Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson's Film (SPOILER ALERT)
Rajinikanth as Chitti in 2.0 movie (Photo Credits: Film Stills)

2.0, directed by S Shankar, is a celebration of absurdities on a grand scale. and this is really a compliment to the film. You really don't expect subtleties in a Rajinikanth film, and 2.0 shows no pretense of that. Riding on huge hype, 2.0 also has the casting of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar in its favour. However, its biggest USP was the budget. Though we have various amounts thrown in, the amost agreeable number that nearly everyone agrees on is Rs 550 crore. For an Indian film, that is a bit too much. So has 2.0 made good of its casting and budget? 2.0 Movie Review: Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's Film is a 3-D Delight That Lags From Lowbrow Content Malware

If it comes to visual appeal, then 2.0 is a thrilling ride with some good special effects and sound design. Rajinikanth is also having fun with his multiple characters, especially the gallery-appeasing Chitti 2.0. Akshay Kumar is not exactly an essential necessity as an actor, though his character is quite important. His presence may boost the movie's box office power in the North, but his fans will be disappointef with the lack of screentime. 2.0: From Baba to Kaala, Looking Back at Rajinikanth's Films of This Century and How They Fared At The Box Office!

And like any Tamil potboiler, there are enough WTF scenes in the film that either make your mouth gape wide in shock or make you laugh at the absurdity. Like these 15 moments below -

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Sort of Cameo

As with sequels' frequent dislike for the lead actresses, Aishwarya's character is absent from the film, though she has a voice cameo, calling up Vaseegaran and nagging him. Strangely, even after so many years, she is still his girlfriend, and doesn't even bother to turn up even his life is in danger.

Shankar's Obsession With OTT Killing Off Half-Naked Crooked Men

Why does every Shankar movie feature one half-naked pot-bellied corrupt man getting killed in the most ridiculous manner? Here the first murder happens when the evil force stuff a cell phone seller with too many mobile phones causing him to burst!

Vaseegaran Laughing Off Minister's Fears

When Vaseegaran proposes bringing Chitti to tackle the evil force, the Minister is scared knowing the history of the android. However, Vaseegaran nearly laughs off their fears as if Chitti was some pussycat. Did he really forget the number of policemen Chitti killed in the last movie? What if someone corrupted him again?

"I am Waiting"!

Amy Jackson's android was an almost non-feeling robot, who occassionaly cracks jokes and saves her master's life. That is, until Vaseegaran mentions bringing Chitti back, and she behaves as if receiving the first breeze of sexuality. Errr...what was that?

Akshay Kumar, Where Art Thou?

Though he is glimpsed at the start, it actually takes an entire half of the movie to get over for all Akshay Kumar fans to get a proper glimpse of the actor.

The Creepy Fake Baby

The villain's backstory, while affecting thanks to the social message within, is not devoid of bizarre elements. It has the dreaded 'flashback within a flashback' that shows how the antangonist, as a baby, was pronounced dead on being born and it took some sparrow's pecks to revive him. The highlight of the scene is how creepy and fake the baby looked. Also, why was the scene even needed? We would have understood his passion for the birds any way!

The Villain Can Possess Bodies Now

Like what usususally happens in Tamil movies. where anyone can turn into any thing as per what your script demands. So after possessing cellphones, the villain now has the power to posses human bodies, as he takes control of Vaseegaran's body, making him a pawn against Chitti.

The Rapey Chitti 2.0

When Chitti is incapacitated by the villain, a possessed Vaseegaran gestures Nila (Amy Jackson) to make him 2.0, the evil version from the last film. Nila does just that, and when her work is done, she cowers in the corner like a victim about to be assaulted. Her fears turn out to be true, as the resusciated Chitti 2.0 behaves like Shakti Kapoor in the garb of Rajinikanth and even unzips Amy! Is that supposed to be funny, Mr Shankar?

Like Father, Like Son

Sudhanshu Pandey plays Dhina Bohra, the son of the slain Dr Bohra (Danny Denzongpa) from the first film. Having learnt nothing from either Spider-Man 3 or his own father, Dhina tries to sabotage Vaseegaran foolishly by releasing the captured spirit. It does him no good, as when the villain takes siege over the football stadium to kill all the people by irradiating them, he is the first one to be bumped off! Just like his father!

Did Chitti 2.0 Kill Off Half The Stadium?

Chitti 2.0, in trying to save the stadium's people, forms a sphere with other replicants and tries to shoot down the evil force. However, the replicants keep firing on all sides, and we are sure many must have bit the dust with these bullets, even if the director didn't bother to show us!

Honda Ad

Even amidst that large scale fight, 2.0 doesn't fail to place some easily noticeable Honda product placements.

Chitti 3.0

When Chitti 2.0 loses charge in fighting the evil force, he reveals his trump card and the movie's biggest absurd twist - Chitti 3.0. A mini-me size of Chitti that irritates triple more than his predecessor and flies in the scene on a dove!

Dove Kill-Threats!

So how to make a bird-loving force toe the line you want? Why, of course, threaten to wring the neck of th bird you are riding in! I am all for 'All is Fair in Love and War' but a hero giving out murderous threats on innocent animals is a huge NO NO!

The Creepy Android Romance

Is it me or did you find the romanctic vibes between Chitti and Nila all sorts of creepy? They even get a happy ending with the blessings of Vaseegaran!

A Shankar Film With Just Two Songs!

What in the world is happening? And even those two songs are lacklustre. What's going on with you, AR Rahman?