An idle mind is a devil's workshop, therefore Bigg Boss announces, a task, where the captains of the house, Surbhi Rana and Romil Chaudhary, have to choose four contestants, two from singles and two from the jodis, who they thought needed a flash charge that will help amp up their game. 

The fellow contestants have to point out their strengths and weaknesses while the in-task contestants defended themselves from their accusations. From singles, Nehha, Dipika are selected and from jodis, Urvashi Vani and Jasleen. Contestants throw a volley of accusations and allegations on each other. 

Deepak and Surbhi tell Nehha that she doesn't put her points clearly and strongly. Nehha doesn't agree. Surbhi tells Urvashi that her energy levels don't match with her partner, Deepak. Deepak also asks Urvashi to take a stand sometimes and what she thinks, she should express. Urvashi replies by saying that she won't express and change her personality just because she wants to impress the viewers. And everyone starts clapping at this answer.  

Surbhi tells Dipika that she thinks she is over sweet and that she is not what she shows. She adds that her rapport with everyone is different. Dipika says it's not necessary for her to have the same rapport with everyone. Saba says that Dipika has dual personalities, she is different during the tasks. Deepak indirectly tells Dipika that she played the emotional card with Sreesanth, and that she pretended to get hurt during the task. This pisses off Dipika, who tells Deepak to say this directly. 

Everyone thinks that Srishty shouldn't go to kaalkothri as it's unfair. Soon an argument breaks out between Surbhi Rana and Karanvir. 

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to decide among themselves that who are the three contestants, one single and one jodi, who will go to kaalkothri this week. Most of the housemates nominate Srishty as she hurt herself in anger after Saba pushed her during the task. But Srishty says that she won't accept this as she got a warning from Bigg Boss and that she didn't hurt anyone else. However, their votes don't change.

Amongst the jodis, initially people vote for Saba and Somi, because of Saba's push to Srishty. But later they all end up voting for Shivashish Mishra and Sourabh Patel, because Shivashish hurt Deepak Thakur during the luxury budget task by kicking in his defense, and he doesn't even feel sorry. Hence, Shivashish, Sourabh and Srishty will go to the jail. 

Sreesanth tells Anup that Dipika is doing wrong, and that once he will go back to the house, she will have fake tears in her eyes for him. He adds that Srishty and Saba-Somi shouldn't go to the kaalkothri, because Bigg Boss has already punished them for their behaviour in the task. Sreesanth feels that Dipika should go to jail because she couldn't control them in the task properly. 

Contestants wake up to the song, Punjabiyaan Di Battery. Deepak Thakur tells Surbhi Rana that Karanvir Bohra did a lot of buttering to Sreesanth. Deepak adds that Sreesanth didn't play any game and his friends took advantage of this. Surbhi adds that if Karanvir was not nominated , he also would have named Sreesanth for elimination, just like Dipika Kakar did. 

Dipika and Jasleen Matharu are talking to each other and the former says that Srishty Rode is cold. And that she will go to Kaalkothri for what she did during the task, and so will Saba Khan and Somi Khan.

While the tremors of the mid-week evictions are still felt, yet another wave of an unpleasant incident struck the Bigg Boss house during the captaincy task. The incident has shaken many bonds and has managed to reveal various shades of every contestant. Srishty Rode was highly disappointed with the singles as they held her responsible for attacking Saba Khan and hurting herself in anger. Plus, Sreesanth and Anup Jalota are in the secret room keeping an eye on their co-contestants. Bigg Boss 12: ‘Find a New Host,’ Says Salman Khan While Lashing Out at Saba Khan and Srishty Rode.

It's the last episode of this week before we see Salman Khan back on the screen with another Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 12 tomorrow. Stay tuned to this page for all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12.