Romil is upset with Somi. He is not happy with the fact that whatever transpires between him and Somi should not give fodder to others to gossip the whole night. Also, Romil urges that even if he said certain things in a certain tone, Somi should have corrected him instead of choosing to judge him only to make things worse between the two. Romil minces no words as he is angry. He also maintains that certain things are said as situations demand them but whatever is said in the heat of the moment should not be misinterpreted at any cost. Somi tries everything in her capacity to bridge the wide gulf between the two, but Romil is not ready to listen to anything! 

Just when we thought that the whole commotion inside the house has come to an end, Romil decides to trigger a new fight. Yes, the day has started on a good note. Sreesanth is seen sitting with his group but Romil decides to blow a kiss at him. Perhaps, that's his signature style. But this gesture was not needed in this situation. The result there for everyone to see. Sreesanth gets provoked and questions if Romil delivers those kisses to his girlfriends? The ex cricketer declares that if Romil does it one more time and blows a kiss in the air, he will punch him in front of everyone! Wow! Drama is on inside the glass walled house, it seems!

While Megha Dhade and Jasleen are seen in indulging the fight, Deepak is seen adding more fuel to the fuel. There's so much hatred and animosity between the inmates. The whole house is divided into two groups. Romil watches the whole tamasha and even he too showcases his aggressive and badtameez side! On top of all this Romil maintains that he is a nice guy and Romil tries to drag Sreesanth in between in this explosion! 

Looks like Megha Dhade is losing it oh so completely. She joins the aggressive fight when the discussion boiled down to which contestant gets how much per episode and who should be evicted from the house. She even adds that everybody is in the house deserves to be nangoo pangoo!  they are not even deserved to be fed!

Sreesanth continues to be his annoying self. What happened inside the glass-walled house was seen by everyone. After saying shitty things to Surabhi, Sreesanth received brickbats from everyone. But Sreesanth simply refuses to learn his lessons. He is not willing to put his guard down or tone down his aggression to any degree. In spite of being warned repeatedly by his fellow teammates, Sreesanth is just not in the mood accept his own mistakes!

If that was not enough, another war of words ensued between the two on the weekend after Surbhi accused Sreesanth of being disrespectful. Eventually a huge revelation shook the foundation of respect, when it was learnt that Sreesanth passed unwarranted comments on Surbhi's character. A huge blow -out resulted in Sreesanth breaking down.

Salman was upset that other women present also didn't take up for Surbhi's character being dishonoured. Salman strictly stated that drawing the line when it comes to winning has been blurred and will not be tolerated in the house.

Soon after this, we saw that Sreesanth walked out and locked himself in the bathroom. He had a huge break down inside and was heard crying like never before as other housemates including Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra and Romil Chaudhary kept asking him to come out of the bathroom!