Bigg Boss 13: Reality Show Normalising Physical Abuse? Here's What Netizens Feel As Shocking Videos Of Sidharth Shukla And Shenaaz Gill Go Viral
Shehnaaz Gil-Sidharth Shukla on Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A new controversy is always lurking around for Bigg Boss 13. Given the nature of the show, it is not a surprise. In the latest, Twitter users are calling out the show, the showrunners and the contestants for normalising physical abuse and harassment on and through the show. The angry Twitterati do seem to have a point. Just in a recent episode, Madhurima Tuli hit her ex Vishal Aditya Singh with a slipper. Sidharth Shukla received a slap from Shehnaaz Gill in the same episode. In another video going viral, Sidharth can be seen holding down Shehnaaz. The handlock looks painful.

The question that the audience is asking are...why are such moments being telecast on TV? Why despite displaying violent behaviour contestants are not being thrown out of the reality show? It is incidents like these that lead to the normalisation of violent behaviour, some are arguing. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India prohibits TV shows in India from showing violence being perpetrated on women. But no action seems to is taken against Bigg Boss 13Bigg Boss 13 Day 90 Highlights: Shehnaaz Gill Slaps Sidharth Shukla, Madhurima Tuli Hits Vishal Singh With a Chappal and More!

Watch How Sidharth Mistreated Shehnaaz

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Here Is Another Problematic Clipping Where Madhurima Is Hitting Vishal:

Have we really become the nation made of the audience that enjoys real harassment and violence being shown on screen in the name of entertainment? This season of Bigg Boss has certainly been pushing the boundary, in very wrong ways.

On one hand, there has been outrage against even fictional violence on a woman in a movie like Kabir Singh. On the other hand, Indian 'reality' show Bigg Boss 13 is openly displaying violence. Also, this debate should not about gender. Violence is being perpetuated on both ends by both genders on the show. You tell us, if is this normalising violence or not.