Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Mohit Attempts to Kill Anika to Take Revenge Against Shivay
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Shivay telling the media that he had laid out his plan soon after he realised that Mohit was his enemy and not his friend.

He had asked Bhavya to help him find the mastermind to this game and Bhavya had willingly helped. She had entered the Oberoi mansion as a part of this plan and kept an eye on Mohit.

Anika and OmRu had also played their part by letting Mohit know that Shivay had found Nancy. Later they had cornered Mohit's lawyer and asked him to lie about the money. This made Mohit carefree and he had jumped at the chance to disappear.

They had also found Nancy. Bhavya arrests Mohit. Shivay asks Mohit why he had done this when he had always looked at Mohit as his brother. Mohit says that this was his plan all along as he was jealous of Shivay. He says that Shivay had an easy life while he himself had to struggle.

Mohit says that Shivay will never find Anika who is nearing her end. Shivay panics. Now he and OmRu set out in search of Anika. Shivay manages to rescue her before a wood cutting machine cuts her.

He gets Anika back, and Shivay thrashes Mohit for touching Anika. The media now questions Shivay on who Anika is. Mohit says that Anika is Shivay's mistress. Om lashes out at Mohit while Anika is left embarrassed at the questions the media throws at her.