Qayamat Ki Raat Written Episode Update, September 22, 2018: Kalasur And Ajay Join Hands to Separate Raj, Gauri And Dharam!
Photo Credit: Star TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Qayamat Ki Raat starts with Ajay and Gauri driving to Sumergarh. Dharam tries to call Gauri but her phone falls off. They see a tree in front of them and have to stop.

Gauri gets Karuna's call who shows her that Raj and his mother are tied up. Ra says that he now believes Gauri and she should find the truth. Karuna asks Gauri to return. Gauri says that it was not Raj as Raj's mother had the thread to protect her. Gauri decides to go to the Sumergarh.

Now as the two reach the haveli, Dharam is seen following Gauri. Kalasur and Mishka also follow them to Saumegarh. There Karuna tries to instigate Raj against Gauri.(Also Read: Kalasur Kills Mahender And Raj Blames Himself For it)

Raj refuses to believe it, and Karuna says that he can go with her to the haveli and ensure this himself. Kalasur and Mishka kill Ajay and trap Gauri. Raj and Karuna walk in, and they see Gauri hugging Dharam.

Raj is shocked to hear Gauri say that she wants revenge for her father's death. Raj sadly walks away. Gauri sees all of this and is shocked to realise that it is Kalasur and Mishka taking her and Dharam's form.

She is even more shocked to see Ajay alive. She realises that even Ajay is evil. Ajay says that he is Kalasur too and even he wants Gauri. Later Kalasur and Karuna trap Gauri while Mishka and Ajay take Gauri and Dharam's form to go back to the haveli.