Shri Bajrang Alliance Limited, a listed entity, brings to you a true blue integrated foods company under the Brand “GOELD”. While the market is seeking convenience at a rabid pace, Goeld promises freshness, devoid of any added preservatives, across an unmatched range of 100% vegetarian frozen delights that stretches from snacks, Indian breads, desserts, momo’s & combo meals to pre-cut vegetable combinations. While convenience is format driven; adding the critical layer of quality & health assurances, can only be delivered through investments in technology, driven by ethical parameters.

The Goeld Frozen Foods brand represents the advancements in food technology, that allows consumers access to fresh, tasty and a range of food options at the snap of a finger. Our consumers are delighted with our new exciting launches that include Lachha paratha, Malabar paratha and paneer butter masala to name a few.

Today the world is rapidly embracing vegetarianism. Rabid plunder of fauna is leading to health hazards and imbalances in the ecosystem. A well balanced and tasty vegetarian diet is not only sumptuous, but in many ways adds back to the environment. And frozen formats allow preservation of freshness through technology. And this aspect is driving a revolution in the foods retail business, including restaurants and quick service formats. Pre-cooked, bespoke menu’s drastically reduces time to prepare, as well as assures consistency of the end product. Goeld is not just eyeing this opportunity for business gains, but is committed to invite health and safety into the foods industry.

The challenge that the world is facing today, is that of perishing resources. Food wastage is at a record high. Goeld Frozen foods is committed to minimize wastage of raw materials through use of freezing technologies. For a world facing environmental disasters, and challenges like the pandemic, a shift in food formats is a stark reality. According to Mr. Archit Goel, Director & CFO, “GOELD is a brand which is future driven with our Year-on-Year growth accelerating at a drastic pace amid 4 new product launches and many more already in the Pipeline.” And Goeld Frozen Foods promises to be the flagbearer of this shift by offering nutritious, freshly frozen and 100% vegetarian snacks, meals, desserts and much more. With Goeld, the foods business is on its path to a glorious future.