Nine Children Allegedly Fell Ill After Consuming Maggi in Chattarpur District, MP, Admitted in Gwalior Medical College
Nine children fell ill after eating maggi. (Photo Credits: Delhigrapher/Twitter)

Maggi has been a long-time favourite snack for both kids and adults. Everybody enjoys the taste of Maggi and it is quick to prepare. But what if this Maggi gives you food poisoning? In Chattarpur district, Madhya Pradesh, nine children from a single family fell ill after consuming Maggi, as speculated. They were first admitted in a local hospital and then later moved to Gwalior Medical College, as reported in Zee News.

According to reports, the incident took place on Saturday night when after eating Maggi the children fell sick. It is alleged that their health is in critical condition. At around 7pm after the children persisted to eat Maggi, the ladies of the house got 10 packets from a local store. The family was informed by neighbours that their children’s health is deteriorating. The neighbours immediately called for an ambulance and the children were taken to a nearby local hospital and later shifting them to Gwalior Medical College, as reported by Zee News. Although, it is still not clear or any confirmation whether it was Maggi that caused the illness.

Tweet from ANI

However, this is not the first time when Maggi has come under radar. Maggi noodles had earlier been banned in 2015 after it was found to be harmful to health. A food inspector at the UP-government’s Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) spotted the label that claimed, ‘no added MSG’. The inspector sent a sample to a state laboratory at Gorakhpur for testing. The results showed that MSG was present and high-levels of lead were found. The amount of lead found was over 1,000 times more than what Nestle India Ltd had claimed. If this time again, it turns out to be true, the brand will be serious trouble.