Tamil Nadu: Kotturpuram Restaurant Offers Free Biryani on Inauguration, Police Called After Crowd Turns Unmanageable
Free biryani in Chennai. (Photo Credit: ANI)

Chennai, February 9: New Beginning for a shop is always an auspicious occasion and on this day the owner distributes food to the needy for good wishes. However, in Kotturpuram, serving Biryani to the needy on inauguration had cost the owner to call police to manage the crowd.

According to the information, as reported by news agency ANI, the owner had to call special police force to manage the crowd after its employees failed to manage the people asking for free biryani. Under its new offer, the new shop was offering one Biryani free with another. Sandwiches Turn Costly! Paras Shah, Citigroup’s Senior Trader Gets Suspended for Allegedly Stealing Food From Staff Canteen.

Here's the ANI tweet:

Recently, a high-profiled Indian banker in London was suspended by Citigroup after he was accused of stealing food from the office canteen. Reports state that 31-year-old Paras Shah stole food from the canteen at Citibank's European headquarters in Canary Wharf in London.