Dehradun, March 20: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised the people to work from home and stay indoors to combat coronavirus, Uttarakhand Police has issued a poster appealing the people to stay at home for the policemen's welfare. In the poster they also claim that they are on duty, and working to ensure aal people remain safe.

Issueing a poster, the Uttarakhand Police said, as quoted by news agecny ANI, "We stay at work for you, you please stay at home for us." The appeal is writeen in both the languages -- English and Hindi. Coronavirus in India: PM Narendra Modi Calls For 'Janata Curfew', Warns Against Panic Buying, Stresses on Work From Home.

Here's the ANI tweet:

Earlier on Thursday night, PM Modi on appealed to stay indoors and work from home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. In his special address, the Premier stressed on the importance of "social distancing" and asked to adhere to a "janata curfew" on each Sunday, beginning from March 22. The PM also stressed on "work from home" programme for employees in the organised sector, calling it essential to prevent the transmission of virus.

PM Modi appealed all private organisations to ensure they extend the work from home facilities to their employees, calling it essential to prevent the transmission of virus. The PM further added that several individuals will be severely impacted if the organisations slash the salaries of those who cannot make it to work due to coronavirus. "I appeal the employers to not to cut the wages of the employees," he added.

Meanwhile, Indian Council of Medical Research on Friday said that a total of 206 individuals have been confirmed positive with coronavirus, among suspected cases and contacts of known positive cases. Adding in, the ICMR stated that they have tested 14,376 samples from 13,486 individuals for COVID-19 as on 20th March 10 am. With this the total number of positive coronavirus affected people has reached to 206.

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