Social Media Enthusiast Aqib Muhammed Says Brands Don't Need to Spend Millions on Marketing in The Digital Age to Get Conclusive Results
Aqib Muhammed (Photo Credits: File Image)

As a social media enthusiast, Aqib Muhammed, COO of The BACK Benchers and Co-founder of Beeyams Media, believes that brands should be open to changing their marketing style in accordance with the change in trends. They also need to keep in mind to adapt to these changes in a way that millennials would like. Buying decisions of today’s customers are dependent on pages and influencers they follow on social media.

Among the most successful digital strategies, meme marketing is a good concept, which is widely used and successful. A meme is not supposed to be an advertisement and it is not supposed to promote a brand; instead, it is expected to engage users with a brand by being funny, clever or irrelevant, which is best for connecting with the millennials.

People follow these memes which make moment marketing such a vital part of online marketing. However, Aqib feels that even today many brands are not open to such moment marketing. He says they need to be more ready, accepting and open to such innovative ideas which resonate with the changing times.

Most of the brands wait for competitor brands to try something out and once they know the strategy works, they just replicate it in their way to match their branding message. They fear to test it out on their own most of the times.

We can look at the examples and success stories of brands like OnePlus who have been open to trying out such campaigns and have been effective in engaging with the target audience. Now, even other big brands like LG  and Pepsi are doing it.

Despite this, sometimes brands are uncertain if they should go ahead with it or not because of the fear. What they need to most understand is that in this digital age, to try a campaign one doesn’t need to spend millions in order to get conclusive results; a few thousand can easily tell you whether the campaign is successful or not.