Celestial events are any observable phenomenon that occurs in the sky. Events like the positions of the stars, the Moon, and the Sun have historically been essential for navigation and timekeeping. These events often capture the interest of people and provide valuable opportunities for scientific observation and research. Studying phenomena such as eclipses, meteor showers, and planetary transits can enhance our understanding of celestial bodies, their movements, and the dynamics of our solar system and beyond. In this article, let’s know about the celestial events that will take place in February 2024. February 2024 Holidays Calendar: Get Full List of Major Festivals and Events in the Second Month of the Year.

α-Centaurid Meteor Shower on February 8

The α-Centaurid meteor shower or Alpha Centaurids Meteor Shower is active from January 28 to February 21. The peak activity will be seen around February 8 and can be best witnessed from the Southern Hemisphere. The shower is named after Alpha Centauri, the fourth brightest star in the sky. The meteor shower will be visible from New Delhi from around 03:20 midnight. The peak activity of the meteor shower is expected to be around 01:00 IST on February 9, 2024.

Conjunction of Mars & Pluto on February 15

On February 15, Mars and Pluto will rise together and the two planets can be seen with your telescope or binoculars.

Moon Passing Close To Jupiter on February 15

On February 15, the Moon will pass very close to Jupiter. This phenomenon is also called an ‘appulse’. On this day, both Moon and Jupiter are bright enough to be seen with the naked eye as their size appears big. In New Delhi, this event can be observed around 18:24 (IST).

Close Approach of Venus & Mars on February 22

Another interesting astronomical event in February is when Venus and Mars reach their closest. This will happen on the night of February 22.

Observing celestial events can evoke a sense of wonder and awe in people and make them fall in love with the vastness of the universe. The beauty of a meteor shower, the majesty of an eclipse, or the brightness of a comet can inspire individuals.

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