Cinco de Mayo celebrated widely in the United States of America and Mexico is an important celebration of the Mexican culture. Cinco De Mayo means May 5 and hence celebrated each year on this day. The history behind the celebration dates to May 5, 1862, when a weaker Mexican army led by General Ignacio Zaragoza managed to come up triumphant over the mighty French. Although the victory did not last long, it was of great significance in Mexican history. For the Americans, though, it is more of a fun festival with great food and drinks. Although there is rarely a reference to the historical events in their celebration, the holiday holds vast significance in the USA. A look at some interesting facts surrounding the festival. Cinco de Mayo 2020 Funny Memes: These Jokes on Mexican Holiday Celebration in US Will Lift Your Spirits Right Now.

  1. The festival gained prominence in America in 1933 when President Franklin Roosevelt came up with the Good Neighbour Policy to strengthen relations with the Latin population.
  2. It became an official US holiday in 2005 when the congress declared it and asked the President to make it a law.
  3. The festival is often confused with Mexico’s Independence Day that falls on September 16.
  4. Cinco de Mayo has been a holiday in Mexico since May 9, 1862, when President Benito Juarez issued an order to bring it into effect.
  5. The Chicano rights movement was closely associated with the Cinco De Mayo fest throughout the 1960s and 1970s in America.
  6. In the 1980s, several beer companies led by Corona came up with the idea of utilising Cinco de Mayo as the platform to help sell their products. Through brand campaigns, it became synonymous with happy drinking hours.
  7. The Cinco de Mayo parades are known for colourful attires known as the Puebla dresses.
  8. A dish made of chilli, pepper, chocolate and spices called the Mole Poblano is considered as the official dish of the fest.
  9. In Canada, the Cinco de Mayo celebration involves skydiving boogie, which is a popular air show featuring thrilling acrobatics.
  10. The Cayman Islands conduct an annual air guitar competition as part of the festivities.
  11. The Baile Folklorico is considered the traditional dance of the festival and is characterised by the beautiful mariachi music.

Cinco de Mayo is rich in both history and culture and bears testimony to the strong bond Americans share with their Mexican counterparts. Although the Corona will subdue the festivities this year, new ideas should prevail in quarantine with good food and drinks.

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