Halloween 2020 is approaching us. Although 2020 is a year of cancellations, we can continue having fun in creative ways to safe. As summer fades to fall, families wonder if they can have Halloween! Sure everyone can, if they follow some necessary safety measures and keep Halloween 2020 as minimal as possible. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States is discouraging traditional trick or treating amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, it has suggested some alternatives as well. So, how to exactly have a safer trick or treating this year? In this article, we bring you six essential safety tips you can follow to avoid close contact and to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. From ditching candy bowls to wearing Halloween 2020 themed masks, follow these tips to make the tradition safer.

1. No Candy Bowl: This year, skip the traditional candy bowl. Whether you usually hand out the candy or let the kids dig in to pick their favourite ones, it is risky to keep the candy bowl outside for trick or treating as it is not contact-free.

2. Give Treat Outdoors Instead of Front Door: Having kids come up to the door can make social distance challenging. CDC advises families to give the treat outdoors, if possible. Set up a station with individually bagged treats for kids to take. You can decorate it and place the wrapped candy out the table. The kids can come up and pick their favourite, without touching the other pieces. You can also make some trick or treat goodie bags, which will include treats and some other fun stuff, in case there is time.

3. Keep it Local: Unlike most of the years, when the goal is to get to as many houses as possible to stuff bag full of candies, it is best to advice kids to stay close to home. Keep the kids' group small and head out only at a few places in the neighbourhood, so that it is safer for them and that they return home early.

4. Don’t Share Props: Ask each of your children to hold onto their own candy bags. Instead of sharing one bag, it is safer to use individual small bags to stuff it with candies.

5. Keep Hand Sanitizer: At the treat station for Halloween 2020, keep a hand sanitize and encourage kids not to touch their face. Every time they visit you, remind them of this one important rule. Ask them to take a break and give some sanitizer so that they can keep their hands clean. You can also give your kids their individual hand sanitizer.

6. Wear a Mask: Halloween is anyway incomplete without face masks. It is the mask which is a part of kids’ costume anyway, only this time it will be different. There are many Halloween 2020 themed cloth masks or you can simply DIY one at home to match their costume. From Sexy Sanitiser to Astronaut in a Spacesuit, Ways You Can Dress up on October 31 and Also Follow the COVID-19 Safety Precautions.

These are six absolutely basic ways to enjoy a safer Halloween. There is no right way, but safe way to mark important events and festivals. As long you maintain social distancing, wear a mask and keep your hands clean, Halloween 2020 celebration should not be that different.

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