Every year, International Burger Day is celebrated on May 28 in several countries across the world. The annual observance is celebrated with great enthusiasm by burger lovers. We all know that burgers are one of the most popular and most consumed foods across the world as they are fast, affordable, and tasty. On International Burger Day 2023, people across the globe go out with their families and friends and treat themselves to a variety of burgers and have a joyous time. These days, a burger is made with a lot of variations. International Burger Day is an opportunity for all the burger lovers in the world to try out the new types of burgers and savour them! Scroll down to learn more about the history and significance of International Burger Day and how the day is celebrated across the world. National Vegetarian Week 2023 Recipes: From Baklava to Veggie Burger, 5 Best Recipes To Try During the Week.

International Burger Day 2023 Date

International Burger Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 28.

International Burger Day History

There has always been a debate over the origin of the iconic fast food- the burger. According to historical records, it is believed that the earliest form of the burger was found during the 1st century AD in Rome. This version of the famous dish consisted of ground minced meat prepared with nuts and peppers along with wine seasoning. However, records show that the modern form of burgers, that we see today, was only invented in the late 19th century. In 1885, the Menches invented the world’s first burger by using beef inside the sandwiches at a county fair in Hamburg, New York. Types of Burgers in USA: From Classic Cheeseburger to Crab Cake Burger, 5 Popular Hamburger That Will Leave You Craving for More.

International Burger Day Significance

Burgers are considered one of the most delicious fast-food items compared to other items. On International Burger Day, people are encouraged to eat this mouth-watering dish made of many different methods, ingredients, fillings, and toppings. On International Burger Day 2023, take some time out of your busy schedule and try out some new burgers in town!

Happy International Burger Day 2023 to all!

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