Amalaki Ekadashi, also popularly known as Amalaka Ekadashi, is an auspicious Hindu occasion that honours the amalaka or amla (gooseberry tree). Amalaki Ekadashi is celebrated on the 11th day (ekadashi) of the waxing moon in the lunar month of Phalguna, which usually falls in February or March in the Gregorian calendar. This year, Amalaki Ekadashi 2024 will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 20. On this day, the amla tree, scientifically known as Phyllanthus emblica and commonly known as the Indian gooseberry, is worshipped. Ekadashi 2024 List for PDF Download Online: Dates, Parana Timings, Significance and Rituals of the 24 Ekadashi Vrat in the Year.

In Hinduism, the veneration and worship of the amla tree is due to the belief that Lord Vishnu lives in and around the tree, particularly on Amalaka Ekadashi. In some traditions, his wife, Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity, is said to dwell in the tree. In some religions, it is believed that Lord Vishnu's avatar, Krishna and his consort, Goddess Radha, reside near the tree. Scroll down to learn more about the Amalaka Ekadashi 2024 date, timings and the significance of this day.

Amalaka Ekadashi 2024 Date and Parana Time

Amalaka Ekadashi 2024 will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 20. The Parana time falls on March 21 from 08:58 AM to 09:07 AM, while the Hari Vasara End Moment on Parana day is at 08:58 AM. When Is Vaishnava Vijaya Ekadashi 2024?

Amalaki Ekadashi Significance

As per religious beliefs, Lord Vishnu is believed to reside in the Amla tree. Hence, devotees ritually worship the amla tree on this day and seek the blessings of the deity. The Phalguna Shukla Paksha Ekadashi is known as Amalaki Ekadashi, which falls between Maha Shivaratri and Holi. The day of Amalaki Ekadashi marks the beginning of the main celebrations of the festival of Holi, the festival of colours.

Watch Video: Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Apart from fasting on this day, the devotees offer gifts to Brahmins and pray for prosperity, wealth, and health. Devotees also listen to the vrata katha of Amalaka Ekadashi. Offering food and engaging in charity on this day is considered auspicious.

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