Home Remedy of the Week: How to Treat Migraine Naturally with Ice Cream
Ice cream fo rmigraine (Photo Credits: File Image)

Wait, what? Ice creams for migraine? This unconventional migraine remedy is as effective as it is delicious. If you are tired of loading up on painkillers and pain relief balms without little or no avail, you can try out this easy home remedy. But before you shut this window, hear us out. To know why ice creams work as a pain remedy for migraine, it’s important to understand how it works.

Migraine is more than just a throbbing discomfort in the head. It is a debilitating pain that can make you averse to loud sounds and bright lights. While its workings are poorly understood, one of the theories is that migraine is caused by increased blood flow to the brain, which explains the throbbing sensation. Don't Refreeze Melted Ice Cream! It Could Lead to Food Poisoning, Warns Expert.

Now, eating cold foods can also trigger something called “brain freeze” or “ice cream headache,” a sudden pain that lasts for a few seconds. But a lot of personal accounts have shown that a brain freeze can also be flipped as a “cure” for migraine.

When your body is exposed to cold, the blood flow gets constricted due to the narrowing of blood vessels. When you eat ice cream, the cold food comes in contact with your upper palate constricting the blood vessels that transport blood to the brain. This momentarily causes a brain freeze but also restricts the excessive flow of blood, eventually giving you relief from migraine. Check out more such remedies here.

Eating anything cold like ice cream during an episode of migraine can help in reducing some of the pain. Make sure to press it against your palate when you eat or drink something cold. There’s no scientific way to explain how it works, but it’s a no-risk remedy, and it’s cheap!