While we have like a constellation of things to thank France for, from crepes, lingerie and hot French men, we cannot thank them enough for the French kiss. But as simple as kissing might seem, you know that it is easy to get it wrong if you have been in the dating game for some time. Who hasn't been on a great Tinder date only to have the night ruined by a tongue-happy person who essentially chokes you? A bad kiss can put you off to say the least. Here's how to get the basics right and be a really good kisser.

Step 1: Find a Kissing Partner

Practice makes a man perfect so you can always try it on yourself first. Make a fist with your hand and kiss the hole your hand makes when you form it into a fist. Even better if you have a partner to kiss. So do not shy away from approaching that cute guy in the movie theatre.

Step 2: Zero on a Kissing Location

The back of a movie theatre where no one is watching can be perfectly fine but you could try it anywhere like a field with a cool breeze or a beach under the night sky. You cannot deny that there are places where you just want to kiss. So if you are stuck in a restaurant, save it for later where you have adequate privacy.

Step 3: Locate Your Partner's Mouth

You do not want to be thrusting your tongue in their nostril and eyeball. You mustn't miss their mouth. You could be laughing but some people missed the spot when they kissed for the first time. How to Kiss? Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Show Us With a Graphic French Kiss Instagram Video.

Step 4: Heat Up With Pecks and Light Touches

You have to first warm up and give pecks before you French kiss. It can be unpleasant for someone who is kissing you for the first time to directly sink in their tongue into your mouth. So it is best to start with light touch and pecks before getting to the actual action.

There are many rules to follow when you French kiss but the most important one is to ensure that your partner is comfortable with it. If they are not reciprocating, get back to touching and giving pecks.

Step 5:  Part Your Lips and Feel with Tongue

Before you go all out, slowly part your lips so that your partner knows what to expect. Then place the tip of your tongue on their mouth. Put a tiny bit of your tongue beyond their lips so that you can gaze the width of your partner's mouth. Is Kissing a Woman Who's Wearing Lipstick Bad For Your Health? Here’s The Truth.

Step 6: Alternate Speed and Tongue Pressure

Switch up your movements but don't keep your mouth open the whole time. Slip just a little bit of tongue in their mouth and then up your speed. If you feel that you need some air, retract your tongue and bite your partner's lips. Should Women Make The First Move? The Nice Girl's Guide To Asking a Guy Out.

Step 7: Keep For As Long As You Want

There is no cut off time in a French kiss. It's fine if you feel sick after ten seconds but if you want to go on longer, it's completely your choice. May be you can kiss for as long as your jaw hurts but that's totally fine.

When you are done, pull away and smile to reassure your partner that you had a good time. Move with your partner, respond to cues, switch it up, and just generally be in tune with each other.

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