Woman’s Body Sliced in 27,000 Pieces After Death With Her Consent for THIS Reason
Woman donates her body. (Photo Credit: Youtube/ National Geographic)

In a recent incident, a woman from Denver became the first ever human to volunteer their body as a 'digital cadaver'. Mother-of-two, Sue Potter volunteered to have her body frozen and then sliced into 27,000 hair-thin pieces. These pieces were preserved for over three years and then used via digitisation to teach medical students as a "digital cadaver," according to Daily Mail. Indian Organ Donation Day: 8 Things You Should Know About Donating Your Organs.

Daily Mail's report further described how for this, the woman recorded everything about her life in the 15 years between pledging her body and death. In her recordings, she described everything about her, right from her diet, lifestyle, aches, feelings, pain and everything else to help patients to know more about the woman whose medical records they were reading.

The woman had some really unusual wishes like, she requested to see the saw that was going to slice her and also the fridge she was going to be stored in. Another of her requests was to be sawed to the sound of blaring classical music while surrounded by roses. National Geographic's January 2019 issue has featured the intimate account of her 15-year journey.

Dr Spitzer told ABC (screening an accompanying video story about Sue's experience) that, "For her to talk to you about her body and how she felt — her disabilities, which bothered her a lot — that's a different dynamic. That's not learning about her anatomy and physiology, it's learning about her humanity."

Here's a video by Nat Geo of Sue Potter who Donated Body Became a Digital Cadaver-

While this is the first of its kind case, experts hope that more people like her volunteer to help make medical studies advanced for a better tomorrow. Spitzer tells ABC,  "The goal someday is to have enough bodies on your 'bookshelf' that you can pull out the body that makes the most sense to simulate the pathology or procedure."