Yet Another Halloween Horror! Red-Coloured Lenses Leaves 11-Year-Old Girl Blind for Four Days
Red coloured lens (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Halloween cost an 11-year-old from Montreal her eyesight for four days. It was coloured contact lenses she wore for the festival that made her blind temporarily. Emilie Turcotte woke up the next day of Halloween with great pain her eyes. Her mother Julie said that Emilie woke up screaming that her eyes were "burning like fire". The previous night she had gone for trick-or-treating with her friends when she wore red contact lenses. Julie said that her eyeballs were "blood red".

She told a local paper the Montreal Journal, "For four days we were so scared. She could not see anything. All that for Halloween contact lenses." While Emilie has gradually regained her eyesight, doctors have advised her to wear sunglasses for a month to let her damaged corneas heal. Halloween Horror! 5-Year-Old Tested Positive For Meth After He Goes Trick-or-Treating.

Following the incident, Julie is now informing other parents about the dangers of letting their children wear lenses whiich are not lab tested. Emilie had worn the contact lenses for four hours at school and then took them off. She again wore it while going trick-or-treating with friends. While Emilie's friends had also bough the same costume, only she suffered the problem.

Canadian eye care experts are demanding the ban of coloured lenses which are not medically tested. In yet another horror caused by Halloween, a five-year-old from Ohio got seizure after returning from trick-or-treating. He was rushed to the hospital and tested positive for meth. While initially the candies he collected were suspected to be the cause, it was later found out that fake fangs caused the illness.