Makar Sankranti 2020: How to Fly a Kite? Easy Steps To Master Kite Flying or Patangbazi (Watch Video)
Makar Sankranti Kites (Photo Credits: NeedPix)

Makar Sankranti 2020 is here. Time to bring out the kites aka patang and its manjha flaunt your skills at patangbazi. Apart from eating sesame seeds and jaggery sweets, Kite flying forms an important and fun part of Makar Sankranti celebrations. The tradition holds immense importance. The idea behind this tradition is to soak up on some winter sun in a fun way. As we all know, vitamin D from the sun is very healthy for the body and back in the days, people wouldn't come out of the house during harsh winters.

Therefore, on the harvest festival aka Makar Sankranti, that marks the arrival of spring, people would come out of their houses to enjoy kite flying games or patangbazi. As time went by, people across India turned this tradition into competitions and began to apply various tricks to win the game. Beautiful scenes of rooftops and skies filled with colourful kites double the joy of Makar Sankranti. PETA Urges People to Avoid Kite Manjas During Makar Sankranti Celebrations, Activists Protest in a Moving Manner (Watch Video). 

How To Fly Kite Like a Pro Tips And Tricks:

  • Right Type of Kite Is The Key: If you are a newbie to kite-flying, do not start with 3-D ones, instead,  the triangle-shaped kites that cut through the air right and are known to hang around in the air for long.  You can make one easily at home. Makar Sankranti 2020: Easy Ways to Make Kites or Patang at Home to Fly On The Harvest Festival; Check Out DIY Videos. 
  • The Weather and Wind: Look for an area that has a good force of the wind. The air should be enough to make your kites sway away up in the sky but not tear up the kite.
  • Look For Open Spaces Like Rooftop or Open Ground: Do not fly your kite in places where it is likely to get stuck somewhere or won't get enough air.
  • The Perfect Launch: Everything about your kite going high in the sky lies in the right launch. Hold the line in one hand and then the kite up in the other, you may have to run a bit but once it goes up there, that's it you are surely going to win.

How To Fly Kite Like a Pro (Watch Video):

However, remember that your kite string aka the manjha is sharp enough to hurt birds, animals or even people if it is very low. Some people even sharpen the manjha with glass powder to make it sharp enough to cut other kites' string. Not only is it unethical but extremely dangerous.