Coronavirus has highly impacted the sex lives of people, especially of the ones who are put with their sexual/romantic partners. However, it looks like the sex lives of most Germans has not been affected! At least that's what a survey has found out. A survey done by GfK which is an international consumer research agency based in Nuremberg, for a dating portal, found out that amongst the 1,000 people who responded to the survey, about 87% said that the crisis had not jeopardised their sex lives. Impressive! That is not it, about 60% of the couples said that the lockdowns brought them closer together.

People around the world have been facing various difficulties when it comes to their sex life. Some aren't able to meet their partners, some couples are just getting too much of each other, hence the sex has become boring, whereas for some stress has taken a toll on their sex lives. Safer Sex Positions amid Coronavirus Pandemic: From Wheelbarrow to Reverse Cowgirl, Here Are Erotic Positions That You Can Try For Toe Curling Orgasm!

The survey further revealed that every fifth person even answered more detailed questions. They shared how they had more sex than before and the sex was 12% better than before. However, not everything was merry and orgasmic, about a quarter of these respondents admitted experiencing conflicts. Living together impacted their romantic lives negatively. About 40% of singles weren't dating and 11% had met, but at a distance.  10% could not resist kissing about 10% even had sex.  Coronavirus Precautions: Can You Get COVID-19 From Having Sex or Kissing Your Partner? Here’s What You Should Know.

Social media and phones were used for flirting as about a quarter of respondents said they got romantic online. Recently,  Germany-based condom manufacturers revealed that their consumers were stocking up on condoms along with toilet papers and noodles in March. Prostitution in Germany has previously been the reason for a quarter or condom usage. However, social distancing has negatively impacted that.

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