If you want the sex to be great, the foreplay has to be exceptional! A hot, sizzling and prolonged foreplay will not only lead to good sex but also multiple orgasms for many. So, how do you make foreplay even more interesting than it already is? Well, kissing plays the most important role when it comes to arousing someone. There are different types of kisses to give during foreplay than can leave your partner hornier than ever! Here’s taking a look at 5 types of kisses to give during foreplay and leave him panting for more…

Eskimo Kiss

Ever heard of an Eskimo kiss? As the name suggests, the Eskimo kiss was first introduced by explorers of Arctic as a form of expressing their affection. As Eskimo kiss involves the rubbing of noses against each other. When in the bedroom, you and your partner can take things slow and start with the Eskimo kiss. From French to Earlobe Kiss, Make Her SWEAT and WET in the Bedroom With These Sensuous Kisses. 

French Kiss

French kiss always makes it hotter! So, when you’re ready to take it to the next level, put your tongue inside your partner’s mouth and let the exchange of saliva begin! French kiss or the lip-lock is pretty hot and can turn on your partner immediately, provided you do it just right. If you’re new to it, it’s always better to read up articles and watch a few tutorials on how to French kiss.

Kissing on the Neck

Kissing on the neck can be extremely erotic and sensuous. Neck is one of those erogenous zones than can leave both men and women all fired up in the bedroom!

Earlobe Kiss

This one’s another intimate kiss that can spice it up in the bedroom! The earlobe kiss is also considered to be one of the most erotic kisses ever. During foreplay, lick, suck and kiss your partner’s earlobe and you will see them getting so excited that they’d want to do all sorts of terrible things to you in bed.

Kiss the Nipples

The nipples are the most sensitive when having sex, especially when it comes to women. A lot of men also get easily turned on when you lick and suck their nipples. During foreplay, kissing the nipple can pique the curiosity, leaving your partner highly aroused.

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