TAHA MAKLAI: Sugarskull.ae's Elegant Skills Can Make You Go Hungry in a Click!
Taha Maklai (Photo Credits: File Image)

Since 2017, Taha Maklai has been associated with the blogging, and has acquired immense media popularity and is has made audience lick their fingers for the yummy food.Not only a dessert specialist,but his set of consummate skills to capture the aesthetics of food as it is has also dragged him to the limelight.

Renowned bloggers have now recognised him and he has collaborated with many. His photography skills are unprecedented,capturing appealing photos, but his skills include a whole set of engendering promotion, creating hashtags and writing captions that make you go baffled for the food! Also, the giveaways are his key attraction which are an inspiration for others. With all this he as procured immense recognition.

Khaleej Times, CosmoMiddleast, feature Maklai, the dessert specialist procured top post on #dessert and #dessertporn. His aspirations in life include to become the top dessert specialist in the region and he is working really profoundly for that. An easy going personality,and being jolly and fun-loving, Maklai is a person with unexcelled mindset. He also classifies himself as a conversationalist. From the food connoisseur himself, he said in a fun- loving manner that “life is short, one should enjoy the desserts first’. He has proclaimed to achieve what he aspires for without getting hindered.

We hope he achieves what he aspires for and keeps on creating finger licking foody content! We wish him a Herculean success for the future!