Belarus Woman Dies Trying To Reach 'Into The Wild' Famed Bus in Alaska's Denali National Park
Into the Wild bus (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

A newly married woman from Belarus was swept away by a river in Alaska at the edge of Denali National Park while trying to reach an abandoned bus that became famous the book and the film 2007 Into the Wild. 24-year-old Veramika Maikamava and her 24-year-old husband Piotr Markielau were going to the place where hiker Christopher McCandless dead in 1992, when the Veramika was swept by the river water. Famous 'Bikini Hiker' Gigi Wu Freezes to Death on Her Solo Hike in Taiwan.

Troopers said Veramika was pulled underwater when she tried to cross Teklanika River along with her husband. While there is a rope stretched across the river to help hikers, water was running waist-high and swift-running. Her body has been recovered and sent to the state medical examiner' office. Alaska State Trooper spokesman Ken Marsh said that the incident happened when the newly married couple tried to cross the river on Thursday night. They had married a month ago. Rachael Fitzpatrick, a Naked Hiker From Australia Encourages People About Body Positivity, View Pictures From Her Nude Travel Diaries.

The Fairbanks city bus was used as a house by 24-year-old McCandless before he died of what the state coroner said to be is starvation. It was a diary he maintained which became the material for the book written by Jon Krakauer and the 2007 movie starring Emile Hirsch which followed. The Risks Behind Perfect Instagram Pictures! 5 Instabloggers Including Kelly and Kody Who Got Slammed For Going Overboard With Their Photos.

In the past, several hikers have tried to go through the tough terrain to reach the bus. This is not the first time, a hiker died trying to reach the bys. Many have been rescued from there. In 2010, a woman from Switzerland drowned while trying to cross the Teklanika River. Marsh said that from 2009 to 2017, there have been 15 state search-and-rescue missions into the area.