#BestMovieLineEver: From Notting Hill to The Dark Knight, Twitter Is Busy Sharing Movie Dialogues Under One Epic Hashtag
Best Movie Lines Ever (Photo Credits: Twitter)

With Twitter in our lives, we can be sure that the world will keep coming together, thanks to viral hashtags. Sometimes hashtags are used to hate someone, sometimes to love. Sometimes just to argue over Yanny or Laurel. The latest viral hashtag on Twitter is all about the love for cinema. #BestMovieLineEver is going crazy viral on the micro-blogging site. Users from all over the world, including celebs like Tom Holland, are using it to submit the movie dialogue that they think is the best. With so many options, the only true winner, in this case, is the art of cinema, because it is impossible to pick one #BestMovieLineEver. Ahead of Mahesh Babu's 44th Birthday, Fans Trend #HappyBirthdaySSMB by Sharing South Superstar's Photos & Lovely B-Day Messages on Twitter!

Let us first go gaga over Tom Holland's  #BestMovieLineEver. The Spider-Man:  Far From Home actors' favourite was Samuel L Jackson's line, "Bitch, Please, You've Been To Space". Marvel Fans Get into a Twitter War With BTS Army for Stealing Tony Stark's 'Love You 3000' Phrase to Promote the K-Pop Band.

Check out some other tweets under the hashtag here:

Which one is your YRF favourite?


If only interns could live by this one

Hits you every time

Something to think about

Notting Hill is heart

Well, ask for my personal opinion and I think "Mera naam hai Bulla, rakhta hun khhulla takes the cake anytime," But to each his own. Also, please take note on well-written dialogues can course trough history and stay relevant and loved even after decades. Let us give writers their due respect.