Bhai Dooj 2019: Heart-Warming Things About Brothers That Make You Grateful for Their Love
Amazing things about brothers (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Bhai Dooj is celebrated two days after Diwali, and 2019 will see the festival on October 29, Tuesday. Bhai Dooj is one of the most popular Hindu festival celebrating the bond of brother and sister after Rakhsabandhan. Well,  brothers are undoubtedly the best people in the family. No matter how many times they call us fat or pull our hair, you know that brothers love us for real. They may be a pain to deal with, but we wouldn't trade them for the world. Brothers will always have a special place in our hearts. Love them or hate them; you cannot live without them.

It is strange how brothers can go from being the most irritating person around to making us cry for them at times. Really at one moment, they will ask you to cover for them in front of your parents, and in the exact second moment, they will snitch against you like nothing ever happened. But even after stealing our chocolates and dissing food, there are a few things about brothers that you cannot do without. Let's check out:

"Bichao Laashen" For You

They might not give you the TV remote, but your brother will definitely, destroy anyone who even tries to hurt you. You know that, whenever you are in trouble, you call your brother before your parents and you feel so secure.

Keep Creeps At Bay

Most of the creeps won't even try messing with you, knowing what your brother can do to them. Fortunately, this one thing about brothers makes your life simpler and safer.

Give Extra Attention During Girl Talk

You can have a "girl talk" with them and they will always be extra attentive towards it. Wanting to make sure you don't miss a sister at home, they will go out of their way to make you feel better.

One Word -- Gifts

You get gifts and money during both Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj, what else do you want?

Take a Stand For You

Being from the opposite gender they will be more empathetic towards you and make sure to stand up for your against anyone. Sometimes even against parents.

Make You Stronger

They will make you strong enough to not cry for little things. Brothers understand the value of their sisters' tears and groom them to become stronger than their insecurities. But if at all anyone makes you cry, that will be the end of them.

Well, share this article with your brothers and ask them to gift you something great this Bhai Dooj. JK. Go ahead show how much your brother matters to you! Happy Bhai Dooj to you and your family.