Cosmic Rays to Pass Close From Earth During Tonight's Lunar Eclipse to Affect Mobile Phones? Don't Believe in Rumours and Hoax WhatsApp Messages
No cosmic rays will pass by the earth tonight (Photo credits: Pixabay, geralt)

July 27 midnight is going to see a wonderful spectacle of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. This total lunar eclipse is going to be the longest one n the entire 21st century, with the Moon being under the Earth's shadow for about 1 hour 43 minutes. The Total Lunar Eclipse will be at 1.00 am, July 28. Among all the messages circulating about the lunar eclipse, one such message is about some cosmic rays passing very close to the Earth. The message even advises to switch off your mobile phones at midnight, but let us tell you it is a false call. Lunar Eclipse 2018 Live Streaming: Where to Watch The Century's Longest Lunar Eclipse.

The message which gives reputed names like NASA and BBC to tell its authenticity, is actually circulated during every eclipse, be it a solar or a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse phenomenon anyway has a lot of negative things attached in beliefs. Lunar Eclipse 2018 in India on July 27: What is Chandra Grahan Sutak Time, Significance & Myths Around This Year's Blood Moon. Here is what the hoax message reads, "Tonight at 12: 30 to 03: 30 make sure to turn off the phone, cellular, tablet, etc ... and put away from your body. Singapore television announced the news. Please tell your family and friends. Tonight, 12:30 to 3:30 for our planet will be very high radiation. Cosmic rays will pass close to Earth. So please turn off your cell phone. Do not leave your device close to your body, it can cause you terrible damage. Check Google and NASA BBC News. Send this message to all the people who matter to you."

If you too have received this message then please do not forward it. It is fake. There are no cosmic rays which will be passed by the Moon nor Mars, which also makes its sight in the sky tonight. Besides, Earth has a very strong layer of atmosphere around it, which has been preventing many such harmful radiations, including that of the Sun. So do not believe in these rumours. Although we make considerable progress in science and technology, it is sad that such messages get forwarded over and over again. Please be an alert citizen and do not fall prey to these. At best, enjoy your view of the lunar eclipse as it takes place.